Spetses island .......


Talking about the substantial character of Spetses, a small but at once, a so important island in the matter of the role it had through the modern history of Greece, about everything constitutes the special "character" of this beautiful corner of Saronic gulf, we must talk about:

  • The age-long history and the island presence in ancient commercial shipping routes.

  • The dramatic evidences and the role in the modern history, from Orloff facts till the 1821 Greek Revolution during 18th and 19th century.

  • The historical continuity expressing the popular architecture of the island and the around located villages of Peloponnesus.

  • The picturesque nature, the luxuriant vegetation, the clean sea and the beautiful sandy beaches.

  • The geographical position, which makes the island easily accessible from Attica and also the main Greece, either by land or by sea.

On this desirable place, we thought about creating various luxury resort clusters, with high quality specifications, appealing to people lovers of history and traditional standards of the natural and humanist environment.

On this land, we designed resort development, all of them different each other, this way to turn the advantage of the popular architecture of Spetses island.

The variety and weave of resorts' type referring to town planning, assures the absolute privacy, whereas the rich alternation of closed and open spaces among three levels (underground, ground floor and upper level) escalates the light and reproduces the worth of traditional local architecture.

We rejected and fully abstained repetition and "in row" lay of similar houses, a policy that applied in many other attempts (we consider that is about mass constructions based on a stodgy mercantile objectivism and also the absence of inspiration, that destroys the traditional urban fabric). We also kept in mind that the relation of complex with nature has a special role in daily living enjoying the capacious outer surroundings, too.

Having the ambition of creating a new - high standards - neighborhood at Spetses, the MARIOS PAPATHANOS S.A. Technical Company attached importance to details and planned the whole construction with special attention and diligence in architecture of Spetses.